Notice from Ministry of Health

Ministry of Health is close to declaring Wadelai (Pakwach District) and West Nile (Koboko and Yumbe) foci as River Blindness Free

Uganda has stopped interventions in 2019 among 608,219 people in Nyagak Bondo focus previously treated for river blindness (Onchocerciasis), based on the current World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines, bringing the country closer to achieving its goal of eliminating river blindness nationwide. River blindness has been known as a public health problem affecting a significant population of Uganda since early 1950’s.

The Government of Uganda declared a nationwide elimination policy in 2007. River blindness is a vector borne disease that is transmitted by the black flies which breed in fast flowing rivers. It causes serious eye and skin disease that may result in blindness. The disease was originally endemic in 40 districts in Uganda with about 4.6 million people at risk, excluding districts in the Victoria Nile focus that eliminated the disease in the early 1970’s. CLICK HERE FOR MORE ON THIS NOTICE