About Frost Medicare

Frost Medicare is located in Matugga trading center Opposite Zebra, along Kampala-Gulu Highway in Gombe Sub-County, Wakiso District, Uganda. The facility is very accessible due to its prime location along the highway with secure and ample parking space.

Our Objectives

• To create a medical practice that will exceed patients’ expectations
• To provide accessible high-quality health care to residents of the area and beyond
• To create a medical practice that helps serve the community’s needs
• To reduce infant and maternal mortality in the communities we serve
• To provide preventive services such vaccination and family planning
• To reduce prevalence of diseases such as Malaria, HIV/AIDS through improved and prompt diagnosis and


The clinic has a well dedicated and caring staff ready to provide quality healthcare services to our clients. Our strong belief in team work makes us exceptional in health service delivery as it helps us minimize errors.
We have a team of about 25 full time and committed staff members including 3 Medical doctors, 6 nurses, 3 midwives, one pharmacist, 2 radiographers, 2 dentists, 3 laboratory technicians, 3 Administrative assistants, and full time house-keeping and security staff members. This full time team is supported by visiting specialists in Internal medicine, Obstetrics and Gynecology, peadiatrics, Orthopedics, Surgery and Physiotherapy.